publications – Our study about generative modelling by using Evolutionar Ensemple Learning presented in GECCO 2020

Effective ensmebles of GANs in GECCO 2020

NeCOL During this on-line GECCO 2020, we have presented our research work about using Evolutionary Ensemble Learning to address mode collapse in GANs. Read More ›

publications – We present an HPCS version of Lipizzaner/Mustangs at PDCO2020 workshop of IPDPS 2020.

Parallel/distributed GAN training by using MPI at IPDPS2020/PDCO2020

NeCOL In order to allow the use of our distributed coevolutionary GAN training method, we have developed an MPI version of Lipizzaner/Mustangs, which is presented at IPDPS2020/PDCO2020. Read More ›

communication – SpainAI invited me to present my research in webinar during lockdown #StayAtHome

GANs Introduction Webinar

NeCOL SpainAI invited me to present my research in webinar during lockdown #StayAtHome ... Read More ›

communication – We all talk about neural networks. I think it would be nice to know what they really are. #StayAtHome ...

Introduction to neural networks

NeCOL This post contains a presentation that I use to introduce the concept of Artificial Intelligence and neural networks to the general public. Read More ›

publications – Our approach applying AI to find the best location of the bins in a city has been published in this high-impact journal.

Published our work about Smart Waste Management in the Waste Management journal

NeCOL The research carried out about optimizing the garbage collection points' localization, and configuration provided competitive results. Waste Management journal has published our research work on this topic. Read More ›