publications – Artificial Intelligence helps us to find the best location of the garbage collection points in the city.

Where to Locate Garbage Collection Points (Bins)?

NeCOL We are researching about optimization problem of locating and configuring the garbage collection points. The main idea is to provide the best service to the city inhabitants while minimizing the costs. Some results have been already published. Read More ›

publications – Smart City tools and Data Science have been applied to analyze the effects of Madrid Central, an environmental measure enforced in Spain.

What does science really say about Madrid Central?

NeCOL During ICSC-CITIES 2019 we will present our analysis of the environmental impact (air and noise pollution) of this measure. You can consult here the complete outcomes of this work. Read More ›

communication – Present your outstanding research about Smart Cities in our Special Session in Cadiz

Special Session on Computational Intelligence for Smart Cities

NeCOL We ar organizing a Special Session on Computational Intelligence for Smart Cities that will be carried out during International Conference on Optimization and Learning (Cadiz, Spain, February 17-19, 2020) Read More ›

publications – Spatial Evolutionary Generative Adversarial Networks paper presented in GECCO 2019

Mustangs in GECCO 2019

NeCOL My colleagues were at GECCO 2019 presenting our last research about evolutionary computing, including of course, Mustangs. Read More ›

communication – NeCOL presented in the European Research Executive Agency

Discussing AI in the REA

NeCOL We are glad to have participated in the "Artificial intelligence a way forward for Europe" meeting, in which outstanding researchers presented their current work and discussed AI and how its application may change the European society. Read More ›