publications – We introduced our Mustangs approach to the community that accepted to live under a GANocracy

Presenting Mustangs at GANocracy

NeCOL GANocracy focused on the promise of GANs and includeed discussion of how we can exploit their benefits while minimizing their potential harm. Read More ›

publications – We were able to present our project about using gamification in engineering lectures

Presenting our work about innovative teaching at Harvard

NeCOL We presented our work entitled Gamification to Mitigate Demotivation and Unevenness in Engineering Courses. during the International Annual Conference in Innovative Teaching: Renovating the University for Future Generations (IACIT@RCC). Read More ›

communication – NeCOL landed in Uruguay

Visiting Universidad de la Republica

NeCOL NeCOL research was presented in two semminars at Universidad de la Republica to share with other researcher our experience. Read More ›

publications – Locating bins in our cities by integer programming

Smart waste management by using integer programming

Our work applying integer programming to address the smart location of waste collection points (bins) has been accepted to be published in Revista de Ingeniería journal Read More ›

publications – See you in Prague!!!

GECCO 2019 Paper Accepted

We have received quite positive feedback from the reviewing process and we will present Mustangs in GECCO 2019. Read More ›