Visiting Universidad de la Republica

NeCOL landed in Uruguay

Visiting Universidad de la Republica

NeCOL research was presented in two semminars at Universidad de la Republica to share with other researcher our experience.

Last week we were invited to present some of the interesting branches of our project at Universidad de la Republica in Uruguay. Thus, I gave two different seminars:

  • Spatial Coevolutionary Deep Neural Networks Training, in which I presented Mustangs and how we deal with Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) training by applying Coevolutionary algorithms. Download the presentation.

  • An Artificial Coevolutionary Framework for Adversarial AI, in which I showed how biological arms races motivated us to develop RIVALS a cybersecurity framework based on coevolution. Download the presentation.

It has been really great meeting with several researchers that wanted to know more about NeCOL and that were decided to discuss with me about the most controversial parts of our research.